Encrypt, Mask, De-Identify, Test, and Comply

The IRI Data Protector suite is a virtual collection of IRI’s standalone software for protecting personally-identifying information (PII) or other “data at risk” to comply with CIPSEA, FERPA, HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, SOX, and international data privacy laws like the EU Data Privacy Directive and POPI in S. Africa.

The suite consists of these products or platforms:

IRI FieldShield

for data masking, encryption, de-ID, pseudonymization, randomization, etc.

IRI RowGen

for generating safe, intelligent, and referentially correct DB and file test data from scratch

IRI AuditHub

in development, for Database Activity Monitoring and Database Audit and Protection

IRI Workbench

free Eclipse GUI supporting all IRI Data Protector and IRI Data Manager products/functions

Use the IRI Data Protector suite’s constituent products for:

  • Data Governance
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Static Data Masking (SDM) and Dynamic Data Masking (DDM)
  • Deploying encryption, hashing, and tokenization for PCI DSS
  • Prototyping DB/ETL operations and stress-testing applications

Licensing costs depend on which of the tools you need and the hardware on which they run.

Note that the current SortCL executable in IRI CoSort will run FieldShield and RowGen jobs. This means you do not have to license IRI Data Protector separately if you license CoSort and use the IRI Workbench. However, there may be some additional support factors depending on the complexity of your requirements.