Don’t be the next victim of a data breach! Comply with data privacy laws. Protect personally-identifying information, prevent data loss, and promote data governance goals.

data-protection-policy-templateGot Private Data?

FieldShield® is powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use data masking software for structured data sources (DBs and flat files), big and small. FieldShield shields fields with the compliance industry’s broadest array of protection functions. FieldShield provides role-based access controls for sensitive data on a static or dynamic basis to help you comply with CIPSEA, FERPA, HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, SOX, and international data privacy laws like the EU Data Privacy Directive and POPI in S. Africa. Create, manage, and run FieldShield jobs in its familiar and friendly GUI, built on Eclipse. Modify and run FieldShield’s simple text scripts from the GUI, command line, batch programs, or database applications. Or, call FieldShield functions at the API level for embedded data protection.

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Rapidly prototype DB and ETL operations. Outsource development safely, stress-test applications, and benchmark new platforms — with or without production data.

a25RowGen generates rows … billions of rows of safe, intelligent test data in database, flat-file, and formatted reports targets … without needing production data!

RowGen synthesizes and populates accurate, relational test data in the same table, file, and report layouts used in production. RowGen uses the metadata you already have (or create on the fly) to randomly generate structurally and referentially correct test data, and/or randomly select data from real sets. RowGen allows you to customize data values, formats, volumes, ranges, distributions, and other properties on the fly, as re-useable rules, or later — with or without its free Eclipse GUI. RowGen’s use of the CoSort engine also delivers the fastest generation, transformation, and bulk-load movement of big test data on the market. RowGen was designed by data modeling, integration, and processing experts to save time and energy in the creation of perfect, compliant test data sets in modifiable table, file, and report formats. With RowGen, you are immediately ready for development, benchmarking, and outsourcing.

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Perform or speed data warehouse ETL, BI, migration, and batch jobs. Transform, convert, protect, and report on big table and file data with one product, job script, and I/O pass … and without the need for Hadoop or pricey appliances.

view-sort-ascending view-sort-descendingThe world’s first commercial sort package off the mainframe continues to deliver maximum price-performance and functional versatility for manipulating huge files, tables, and other data sources.

CoSort® is not only the world’s #1 sort/merge utility, it has also become a user-friendly, one-stop “super tool” supported in Eclipse for easily performing, accelerating, and combining. Use CoSort for: legacy sort replacement and data migration projects; fast data warehouse ETL and ODS operations; very large database (VLDB) load and query acceleration; BI tool performance optimization; data governance; and, application performance improvement.

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IRI FACT (Fast Extract)

Beat SLA deadlines … unload huge tables to flat files fast, and use your DB data everywhere.

iStock_000014011959Small-e1393233309647FACT uses simple job scripts supported in Eclipse to rapidly create portable flat files. Speed comes from native connection protocols and proprietary split query logic that unloads billions of rows in minutes.

A fast extract step can be a critical component of:

  • database archive and replication
  • database reorgs and migrations
  • data warehouse ETL, ELT, and ODS operations
  • offline reporting and bulk data protection

IRI Fast Extract (FACT™) is a parallel unload utility for very large database (VLDB) tables in:

  • Oracle
  • DB2 UDB
  • Sybase
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • Altibase
  • Tibero

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