Output management, print spooling and delivery for Unix, Linux and Microsoft Windows®

COSprint is an advanced output management and print spooling package used by enterprises with an IT infrastructure incorporating UNIX and/or Linux servers. It delivers the following major benefits:

Improved control. All systems in the enterprise, whether they run UNIX, Linux or Microsoft Windows operating systems, are configured to route output to dedicated COSprint Servers. By centralizing print management and print spooling on these network-aware servers, administrators have a comprehensive and consolidated view of all printing across the enterprise.

Reduced costs. Industry analysts estimate that printing costs between 1% and 3% of a company’s total revenues. By consolidating output management, reducing administration overhead, providing user self-service to reduce help desk costs, and compressing output before distribution, the total cost of printing can be dramatically reduced. COSprint also allows printers to be shared across the UNIX, Linux and Windows estates, reducing the need for capital investment.

Service level improvement. Users become frustrated at their inability to print a document and use significant amounts of help desk time when problems occur. COSprint provides a web browser based user interface that allows end users to view the status of their own print requests, and help desk are provided with a centralized view of all output jobs, and printer status to ensure quick and accurate response to questions.

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Job Scheduling and IT process automation across a network of UNIX, Linux and MS Windows systems using cosbatch – a low cost, enterprise-quality solution for Workload Automation.

cosbatch is an aggressively priced, fully featured, network-enabled job scheduling solution incorporating IT operations workflow management that produces benefits in efficiency, control, improved service levels, security, auditing and compliance.

It schedules both background and interactive jobs across any combination of UNIX, Linux or Microsoft Windows servers.
cosbatch ensures that background processes run at the appropriate times and dates, and that they run according to any preconditions defined by any combination of external events and/or other background processes.

  • Network-capable – jobs on different systems can be made interdependent
  • Network-aware – database synchronized across multiple servers
  • Automatic failover in the event of the Scheduler Node going down
  • Scheduler/agent architecture

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